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MOD Ontology Demonstrator Released (Apr 09, 2008)

DG-Info (ICAD) has been investigating the use of formal ontologies in MOD. Aside from supporting MODAF architectures, MOD is also considering different use cases for ontology. One such use case is integration of potentially conflicting data. One such example of this is country codification.

MOD has to be able to work with ISO country codes (2 letter, 3 letter and numeric), US Federal Information Processing codes (FIPS10-4) and NATO Stanag 1059. These codification systems are common for some countries and conflict for others. The ontology demonstrator shows how data from mutliple sources can be brought together and reconciled using the IDEAS Naming Pattern. IN addition, the demonstrator uses the IDEAS whole-part and overlap patterns to describe the structure of geopolitical entities and their borders.

The demonstrator is a prototype, so may have bugs. If you find any bugs, please report them (details are in the help pages). It can be downloaded here.. Unzip the contents of the zip file to your desktop or to a folder and run OntoDemo.exe.

Note: The demonstrator uses Microsoft’s Jet Engine (from Access) to process some of the ontology data. If the demonstrator fails to work, chances are you need to install the Jet Engine.