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IEA13 Speakers (Nov 13, 2012)

The Integrated Enterprise Architecture Conference will run on 5-6th March in London. The programme is starting to shape up, and a number of speakers are now confirmed.

3 Weeks to IEA2012 (Feb 13, 2012)

The Integrated EA Conference is just three weeks away. This year, there are keynotes from:

MODAF Website Moves (Dec 01, 2009)

We have been hosting the MODAF documentation on behalf of the MOD since 2006 at www.modaf.org.uk. From today, the MOD is hosting the documentation on its own site – http://www.mod.uk/DefenceInternet/AboutDefence/WhatWeDo/InformationManagement/MODAF/

Integrated EA 2010 Discounts (Dec 01, 2009)

The IEA 2010 conference is now taking registrations. The early bird discounts are available until 31st December – www.integrated-ea.com

MODAF Event in Sweden (Aug 26, 2009)

The Swedish Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm is holding an Enterprise Architecture Symposium on October 15th. Details are at:


Integrated EA Conference 2010 - Call for Papers (Jul 31, 2009)

The call for papers is now out – please see www.integrated-ea.com/call

UPDM Vote Passed (Jan 23, 2009)

The OMG’s UML Profile for DoDAF and MODAF has now passed the ballot and a Finalisation Task Force (FTF) has been formed.

Matthew Hause, co-chair of the UPDM team, will be presenting the profile at the Integrated EA Conference in February. See www.integrated-ea.com

The UPDM website is at www.updm.com

Integrated EA Abstracts Deadline Extended (Oct 29, 2008)

Quite a few people have asked for an extension (turns out the deadline was during UK school half-term break) so we’ve extended the deadline to 7th November. See:


IET Supports IEA09 (Oct 28, 2008)

The IET are supporting the Integrated-EA conference in 2009.

They will also have a stand at the event.

See: http://www.integrated-ea.com/Sponsorship

MODAF on the Telly (Oct 21, 2008)

The IET recently ran a seminar on architecture frameworks in which MODAF featured heavily. The event was filmed and the presentations can be viewed online:

Enterprise Architecture in Action

Roger Byrne and Virginia Hodge

Presentation from Savoy Place, London, UK

2008-09-30 08:21:45.0 IT Channel

>> go to webcast

Applying Architectures and System Engineering Principles in Defence

Tony Gillespie

Presentation from Savoy Place, London, UK

2008-09-30 08:21:44.0 IT Channel

>> go to webcast

Recent Developments in MODAF

Ian Bailey

Presentation from Savoy Place, London, UK

2008-09-30 08:21:43.0 IT Channel

>> go to webcast

The Application of an Enterprise Architecture Framework to Support the Development of CVF

Paul Hicks

Presentation from Savoy Place, London, UK

2008-09-30 08:21:42.0 IT Channel

>> go to webcast

Visualising MODAF Architectures

Eugene McSheffrey

Presentation from Savoy Place, London, UK

2008-09-30 08:21:41.0 IT Channel

>> go to webcast

Model Driven Requirements

Robbie Forder

Presentation from Savoy Place, London, UK

2008-09-30 08:21:40.0 IT Channel

>> go to webcast

MODAF gets Blogged (Oct 21, 2008)

Richard Veryard recently posted a blog entry on MODAF that was very complimentary….


UPDM RFC Accepted at OMG Meeting (Sep 28, 2008)

The UPDM Group Request for Comments (RFC) has been accepted by the OMG C4i DTC. There will now a period of review and comment. At the December OMG meeting, if it is determined that there are no significant issues, the spec will be released for the OMG finalization (FTF) process.

modaf.com would like to congratulate the UPDM Group on a great job under difficult technical and political circumstances. The RFC seems to fit MODAF very well, and the DoD are equally supportive about its ability to support the future DoDAF 2.0 specification.

modaf.com calendar (Aug 26, 2008)

We’ve added an events calendar to the site.

If you know of an EA or MODAF related event that should go up on the calendar, please let us know.

Integrated EA '09 Announced (Aug 26, 2008)

The Integrated EA Conference will run again next year in London. The dates have just been announced (24th & 25th Feb) and the venue is Savoy Place (north embankment of Thames).

The call for papers is now out. Visit http://www.integrated-ea.com/iea09

IET Seminar on Enterprise Architecture Frameworks (May 27, 2008)

The IET is holding a one-day seminar on EA Frameworks in London on 30th September 2008. For more information, visit:


UPDM (May 08, 2008)

On 14th April 2008, the OMG voted to reject the UML Profile for DoDAF and MODAF (UPDM) Finalisation Task Force (FTF) report. This meant that the UPDM standardisation effort ended at that time, and UPDM was not ratified as an OMG standard. The report was rejected on the grounds that the FTF had not addressed the DoDAF and MODAF requirements as specified by the DoD & MOD.

However, since then a number of the original FTF members have re-engaged with the DoD and MOD, so it is likely that a standard UML Profile will still emerge, and that standard may be “harvested” back into the OMG via the RFC process.

MOD Ontology Demonstrator Released (Apr 09, 2008)

DG-Info (ICAD) has been investigating the use of formal ontologies in MOD. Aside from supporting MODAF architectures, MOD is also considering different use cases for ontology. One such use case is integration of potentially conflicting data. One such example of this is country codification.

MOD has to be able to work with ISO country codes (2 letter, 3 letter and numeric), US Federal Information Processing codes (FIPS10-4) and NATO Stanag 1059. These codification systems are common for some countries and conflict for others. The ontology demonstrator shows how data from mutliple sources can be brought together and reconciled using the IDEAS Naming Pattern. IN addition, the demonstrator uses the IDEAS whole-part and overlap patterns to describe the structure of geopolitical entities and their borders.

The demonstrator is a prototype, so may have bugs. If you find any bugs, please report them (details are in the help pages). It can be downloaded here.. Unzip the contents of the zip file to your desktop or to a folder and run OntoDemo.exe.

Note: The demonstrator uses Microsoft’s Jet Engine (from Access) to process some of the ontology data. If the demonstrator fails to work, chances are you need to install the Jet Engine.

LinkedIn Group for MODAF (Jan 03, 2008)

There would seem to be a lot of MODAF users on LinkedIn, so as an experiment in “social networking”, we have created a MODAF Group for LinkedIn. To join, visit:


Integrated EA Conference Programme is Released (Nov 29, 2007)

The Programme for the Feb 08 Integrated EA Conference has been published. It can be downloaded here

Swedish Armed Forces Evaluating MODAF (Aug 01, 2007)

The MOD Architecture Framework is being evaluated for use by the Swedish Armed Forces. Quoting Lt Col Mikael Hagenbo of SwAF HQ Joint CIO Office:

“The Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) are in the process of making a decision on adopting MODAF as an architecture description framework for defence systems documentation. SwAF are also in the process to investigate a tooling environment and a repository solution that can be shared with the supporting authority Defence Material Administration (FMV). M3 is going to be implemented in that tooling environment as a basis for documenting defence systems, services and capabilities”.

SwAF are considered thought-leaders in military service-oriented architectures and were co-developers of the proposed MODAF / NATO SOA views with the UK MOD. They have recently piloted the SOA views in an implementation project (as has D-Log Info in the UK MOD).