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MOD EA & MODAF Documents

Since the release of MODAF v1.1, the MODAF documentation suite can be found at mod.uk/modaf

All other white papers, policy statements, etc. can be found here on modaf.com.

Spectrum Architecture [1.68units_m]

– Produced for MOD CIO-J6 in response to CCEB requirements for spectrum architectures.

Information Exchange Analysis in MODAF [300.44units_k]

– An early deliverable from the MODAF Primer work. This has been released early for public comment. Please send your comments to Ian Bailey

Introduction to MODAF v1.2

– a presentation given at the IET in Sept 2008. You can also see some fat bloke presenting here

Revised IA Tools Policy Dec 06 [33.08units_k]

MODAF Challenge Winners [40.86units_k]

MODAF Issues Feedback Form [98.12units_k]

MODAF Revised Tool Policy Aug 06 [98.14units_k]

Revised Tool Policy Statement from the Integration Authority [32.82units_k]

MODAF Tool Certification Plan v1 [172.23units_k]

MODAF Ontology Paper v1 [183.72units_k]

Related Documents

Here are some documents and articles from various sources that we think are interesting. Note that these documents are mostly hosted on other websites, so we are not responsible for their availability.

Soft Systems (SSM) and MODAF. [503.67units_k]

– a white paper discussing how the Soft Systems Method can be used in conjunction with MODAF

EA Maturity Dashboard by Ian Bailey. A proposal for a way to quickly present the level of maturity of an organisation’s Enterprise Architecture using the Zachman™ Framework.

Transitioning an Organisation to SOA by Ian Bailey. A poster / slide produced for the DG-Info EA Project showing possible stages an enterprise would go through in rolling out a Service Oriented Architecture.

A Simple Guide to Enterprise Architecture by Ian Bailey. A short document describing what EA is, and the key enablers to good EA projects.

Systems Engineering, Architecture Frameworks and Modelling & Simulation by Tommy Nordqvist. This paper attempts to bring together ISO15288, MODAF/DoDAF and modelling and simulation. Note that it was based on MODAF v1.0, so some of the material on MODAF (particularly the OVs) is out of date.

The Value of Enterprise Architecture by Tony Brown. This paper is particularly interesting because it identifies concrete financial benefits from Enterprise Architecture.

A Framework for Measuring the ROI of Enterprise Architecture by David F Rico. Similar to the above paper, this one provides some figures for US State Govt EA programmes, and suggests a method for calculating return on investment of Enterprise Architecture.

Using Systems Engineering Standards in an Architecture Framework by Ian Bailey, Fatma Dandashi, Dwayne Hardy and Huei-Wan Ang. Although now a little dated, this paper was the catalyst for UPDM effort now underway at OMG. It was also published in the INCOSE Insight Journal. Note also that Ian Bailey is now at Model Futures Ltd.

DoD Enterprise Architecture Survey by Steve Ring from Mitre. A very informative presentation which summarises how the architects in the US actually use DoDAF – what tools they use, which views, etc.

Presentation on NATO Architecture Framework SOA Views by Jon Keefe & Ian Bailey from Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe 2006

SABSA Executive White Paper by John Sherwood et al. A paper outlining the SABSA approach to enterprise security. This is particularly interesting because it uses an EA approach for security and information assurance.